Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with Candela GentleMax

Laser Hair Removal at Facial Rejuventation Centre gives you the opportunity to achieve complete freedom from unwanted hair. With Candela GentleMax, actively growing follicles are reduced and cannot grow again for virtually all patients, with any skin tones.

Many people tend to seek laser hair removal at the start of summer. Any season is a good time for Laser Hair Removal, though the transition from summer to fall can be a much more convenient time to schedule your first appointment, and here’s a couple reasons why.

With each laser hair removal treatment, you’ll need to keep the targeted areas of your body out of prolonged, direct sunlight. Sun exposure is typically less of a concern during the fall and winter months. The days are shorter, the summer sunshine a little less strong and your clothing tends to cover more skin than summer shorts and tank tops – even here in Florida.

Also, since the laser targets only the hair that’s currently in its active growth, or anagen, phase, multiple laser hair removal sessions are required to achieve your final results, as not all of your hair will be in this same phase at once. Because of this, if you wait until the onset of summer to begin your treatments, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your smooth results until the following season rolls around. But, if you begin your laser hair removal treatments in the fall or winter, by next summer you’ll be able to flaunt your amazing results all summer long.

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Monthly Laser Hair Removal Specials*

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Three half or full leg treatments for $795. Savings of over a 50%!

Frani Heilman, CME, CCE

FRC Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Frani completed her education at the Florida School for Electrolysis & Skin Care in 2008. She received her Certified Clinical Electrologist (CCE) certificate in August 2008, her Florida electrology license in October 2008 and her Certified Medical Electrologist (CME) certificate in December 2008. Frani has been a member of the Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal since 2011.

Frani’s professional goal is to change people’s lives by helping them look and feel their best by removing unsightly and unwanted hair. She strives to make every client feel comfortable throughout the process, and provides a welcoming atmosphere and personalized attention at each visit.

On a personal note, Frani loves living and raising her family in St. Augustine. She has always been passionate about massage, and enjoys any fitness related activities.


How does laser hair removal work?
In laser hair removal, the target is the melanin pigment contained within the hair shaft. The laser emits gentle energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle/shaft. This energy is then absorbed into the hair follicle to reduce its blood supply and gradually reducing the follicle, but leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

Is it safe?
Laser hair removal has no recovery time and can be performed any time of the day. You can return to your regular routine immediately following treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments you require for optimal long-term benefits will depend on the area you wish to have treated, the hair density and your hair growth cycle. Many factors influence the growth cycle. Age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medication and metabolism all play a part in your hair’s locations, thickness and resilience. Laser slows the growing capacity of the follicles in the growth cycle at the time of the treatment. Since some hair follicles may enter their growth cycle after your treatment, repeat sessions will be necessary.

What precautions must be taken prior to and while receiving laser treatment?
You must avoid waxing, tweezing and electrolysis for 4-6 weeks before treatment. We also recommend that you avoid the sun for a few weeks prior to treatment.

Am I a candidate?
The Candela Gentle Max is able to perform hair removal on both clients with fair and dark colored skin as well as light and dark colored hair, to exclude gray and white hairs.

Does it hurt?
Laser causes minimal discomfort. The degree of discomfort varies with each person and depends on your pain threshold. Most people say it feels similar to the snap of a rubber band. When compared to waxing, it is said to have little discomfort. Light redness or localized swelling can occasionally occur, but this usually subsides within 24 hours after treatment. A topical numbing cream can be used, if needed.