Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is a biopsy?
ANSWER: A biopsy means that we have taken a small sample of your skin or tissue, which we will send to a specialist called a dermatopathologist to diagnose.

QUESTION: What happens if my biopsy comes back as skin cancer?
ANSWER: We will call you with the results of your biopsy.  If it comes back as skin cancer, don’t panic.  We may ask that you return to the office for one of our physicians to reduce it, or we may refer you to a Mohs surgeon.

QUESTION: What is Mohs?
ANSWER: Mohs is a highly effective technique for reduces certain types of skin cancer, or skin cancers that are located in cosmetically or functionally high risk areas of the body.  The surgeon reduces the lesion, then immediately looks at it under a microscope to make sure it has been completely reduced.  If any of the cancer remains, the process is repeated until the lesion is totally reduced.

QUESTION: Who are Dr. Taliaferro and Dr. Leake?
ANSWER: Dr. Taliaferro and Dr. Leake are partners of Dr. Towne and Dr. Brennan.  Dr. Taliaferro is a board-certified Otolaryngologist, who specializes in Mohs surgery.  Dr. Leake is board certified in Otolaryngology as well as Facial Plastic Surgery.  They work as a team for Mohs procedures, where Dr. Taliaferro will perform the Mohs, and Dr. Leake will complete the closure, or reconstruction.  The entire procedure will be completed at one location, you will not have to go to two separate offices for the procedure then the closure.

QUESTION: Where do I go for my Mohs procedure?
ANSWER: The office is called North Florida Center for Otolaryngology.  The address is 3 San Bartola Dr., St. Augustine, FL 32086.  The phone number is (904) 823-8823.  Please feel free to call if you need further directions.

QUESTION: How do I prepare for my Mohs procedure?
ANSWER: It is important that you stop taking any over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements that act as a blood thinner, such as NSAIDs, aspirin, flaxseed oil, fish oil and vitamin E, approximately one week to 10 days prior to your procedure.  If you are prescribed a blood thinner by your physician, you must call their office to ask if and when you can stop taking it.  Do not stop taking your prescription blood thinner unless directed to do so by your physician.

Mohs procedures can be lengthy in some cases, so you may want to bring a light snack and a good book.  It can be chilly in the procedure room, so you may want to dress in layers or bring a light sweater.  We want you to be comfortable during your procedure and we will make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations.

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