Aging, genetics, and environmental changes cause the skin to loosen creating the classic jowling and sagging neck skin. One of the most common requests we hear is for the outward appearance to reflect the more youthful energy a person feels inside. Now, more and more men and women are appreciating that a face lift could be the answer for them. The “plastic” or pulled look that had been the signature of a face lift is no longer the result being obtained. A face lift repositions the skin (gets rid of sagging skin), creating a youthful face, neck and jaw line with a smoother contour. In fact, no one can tell that you have had a face lift most of the time yet you can look natural and up to ten years younger. There are several different types of facelifts: full face lift (multiplanar), mid face lift, S-lift/ mini lift, and neck lift. We will discuss which one is best for you at your consultation. Not everyone is a candidate for the mini or Slift (short incision lift). Provided that you take care of your skin, the average face lift can last ten to fifteen years. As time continues, remember additional procedures can be performed to enhance the original procedure. Dr Leake performs many face and neck lifts on men and the surgeries are customized to emphasize natural results and hidden incisions. Dr. Leake specializes in revising facelifts as well. Although some improvement in facial wrinkles can be obtained from a face lift, it will not address all the superficial lines that come from premature aging, overexposure to weather, and genetics. With the addition of skin resurfacing and products, your aged skin texture will improve.

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