EvolveX Treatments

EvolveX by Inmode is here to help you trim, tone, and tighten — all without an invasive procedure and with minimal downtime.

What is EvolveX?

EvolveX by Inmode is here to help you remodel your body — all without an invasive procedure and with minimal downtime.

EvolveX by Inmode offers non-surgical body remodeling to treat stubborn fat, sculpt the abdomens, lift the buttocks, and tone the hips. This all-in-one platform delivers multiple technologies on one system to remodel your skin, target body fat, and tone your muscles. Learn more about this exciting new non-invasive, remodeling treatment.


How Does Evolve’s Technology Work?

EvolveX is the only all-in-one system equipped with multiple clinically proven technologies: Tite (Bipolar RF), Tone (EMS), and Transform (Bipolar RF and EMS). This allows the team at Facial Rejuvenation Centre to produce consistent results that remodel the skin, target body fat, and tone muscles–without surgery! Tite harnesses the power of radio frequency (RF) energy to remodel the skin and improve its appearance. Tone works by emitting electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions. Tone’s hands-free applicators target muscle groups to refine their appearance and strengthen them. Transform provides two procedures in one visit. When partnered with EMS technology, RF can provide transformative body shaping results.


Tite remodels the skin by tightening loose or sagging areas. It is a noninvasive procedure that can be done in Dr. Leake’s office over a lunch break. This quick and easy procedure can be customized to meet your specific concerns. It can treat loose skin on the tummy after pregnancy or weight loss, loose skin on the upper arms, and other trouble spots.

The EvolveX Tite treatment is delivered via a hands-free applicator. Applicators can be applied to multiple body areas at once. The Evolve Tite procedure was developed under very strict medical guidelines and has been optimized to provide maximum results, even when multiple areas are targeted.

Tite works by using radiofrequency technology to apply volumetric heat to the skin’s subdermal layers. The radiofrequency technology ensures the heat is delivered uniformly, so no area of the application area is over or under treated.

How do you know if you’re a good candidate for EvolveX Tite? Evolve Tite is recommended for anyone who seeks natural-looking skin remodeling. It can give skin a tighter, more youthful appearance.

It is also important to know that there is no downtime or recovery period with EvolveX Tite. The procedure is quick and painless and you can return to regular activities immediately.

Dr. Leake and her staff can tell you how many EvolveX Tite treatments you’ll need to achieve your aesthetic goals.


Sometimes you don’t get the results you want no matter how many reps you do in the gym or miles you log running on the road. If you’re seeking to tighten and tone your body and muscles, EvolveX Tone might be the answer.

Tone can add definition and enhance your natural physique. It is a non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime and won’t leave you with unsightly scars. EvolveX Tone can increase muscle strength and tone.

EvolveX Tone relies on a different technology than Tite. EvolveX Tone uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles and cause involuntary contractions. Your muscles contract in a way that replicates a workout — sweat not required. The treatment can be used on many areas of the body, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Legs

Like other EvolveX treatments, Tone is painless and involves no downtime. The number of sessions required depends on your goals and can be determined by Dr. Leake.


Are you ready to take a step toward the body you’ve always wanted?

Tighten up, smooth it out and tone it up with EvolveX treatments at The Facial Rejuvenation Centre. No matter whether you choose EvolveX Tite, EvolveX Tone or EvolveX Transform, we can provide a customized treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. We do recommend the application of all three to attain your best results. Maintenance periodically is necessary.

Contact us today by phone at (904) 810-5434 to schedule a consultation and EvolveX into your best body yet.

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