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Ease facial volume loss and tightening your skin with Evoke by Inmode. Schedule your consultation in St. Augustine to experience the benefits.

Sagging skin and overall facial laxity are natural, yet unfortunate consequences of age. As we grow older, our skin tends to become looser. While collagen loss is primarily responsible for this process, external factors such as sun exposure can exacerbate the issue further. If you’ve noticed an increase in your facial laxity, our revolutionary Evoke RF treatments may hold to key to helping you regain your youthful glow. Schedule your appointment in St. Augustine, Florida to learn more.


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What Is Evoke?

Evoke is a remarkable, hands-free facial remodeling platform developed by Inmode. This cutting-edge, non-invasive device is an industry first, allowing for structural re-organization of your facial and submental tissues without the need for surgery. The procedure is easy to handle and straightforward. The results show an improvement in the appearance of both your face and neck regions.

What Does Evoke Treat?

With the aid of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) heating, Evoke remodels the facial tissues to sculpt more defined cheeks, jowls, neck, and jawline. If you are struggling with sagging or facial volume loss, this treatment can provide effective relief without downtime or significant side effects. The main benefits of choosing this device over others include:

  • A non-invasive procedure
  • Comfortable, risk-free skin tightening
  • An improvement in facial definition
  • A hands-free design that allows for social distancing
  • Customizable sculpting to address different areas
  • No downtime!

What Can I Expect From Evoke RF Treatments?

During your Evoke non-surgical treatment session, the headset-like device will be placed over your face. You will feel only a mild warmth as the device releases RF energy. The entire process takes 30-60 minutes on average and several sessions may be required for long-term results. Some redness may be seen after treatment, but typically subsides within a few hours.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The major benefit of Evoke is that there is absolutely no recovery period or downtime following treatment. After visiting our center, you can return to normal activities immediately. You should notice the tightening effects of this treatment after one session, but several may be necessary for the best results. By using RF energy, Evoke stimulates collagen production, facilitating gradual improvement over the next 12 weeks following treatment.


Before and after Evoke RF results

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